Shrub Drinks are available in many flavors.
What is a Shrub?

“...Miss Ivins's friend's young man WOULD have the ladies go into the Crown, to taste some shrub, which, after a great blushing and giggling, and hiding of faces in elaborate pocket-handkerchiefs, they consented to do. Having tasted it once, they were easily prevailed upon to taste it again; and they sat out in the garden tasting shrub....”
Charles Dickens, Sketches by Boz, 1836

Shrubs have nothing to do with landscapes or hedges but they certainly do have a great story.

The name shrub comes not from the garden, though you'll enjoy drinking them there, but from the Arabic shurb, meaning drink, and sharbat, a Hindi word for an aromatic syrup made from fruit or herb and flower extracts, that is stirred into water and served over ice. The English term Shrub first appears in print in 1747 in London’s Gentleman’s Magazine referring to a fancy libation.

There is some speculation that these thirst quenchers were first sipped in the hot climes of the Middle East, but wherever they originated we know for certain that they enjoyed great popularity in the USA beginning in colonial times.

From first sip, we knew that they deserved another moment, so in early summer of 2012 we began selecting the very finest organic fruits of the season, then followed an arduous month long tending and stirring process to make each batch and we haven’t stopped since.

Our Shrub Drinks are a thoroughly modern collection of lovingly tended and delicious highly concentrated seasonal fruit-based concentrates in the tradition of those that have been enjoyed around the globe for centuries. We make them the artisan’s way, by hand, in tiny batches.

We are proud of each and every bottle and hope that you will enjoy these limited editions as much as we do. Please stay tuned, as the seasons change, so will our flavors.

Shrub Drinks are also a wonderful addition to every cook’s compendium. They add zing to salad dressings, stir up scrumptious sauces and will surely inspire more creative dishes.

About the Company

Well Seasoned LLC began producing shrubs mid-2012 and we haven’t stopped stirring since. Shrub Drinks are simple. Just fresh fruit at its prime, pure cane sugar and chef selected vinegar blended to showcase the luscious best of each fruit. Our shrubs are made in San Antonio, Texas by just four hands with over 60 years of collective culinary professional experience. We personally obsess over every batch and bottle. Our well-seasoned hands carefully select and then lovingly process the season’s finest fruit, touching each piece at least once, often many more times. We tend and taste and combine flavors. We produce in tiny batches; each batch takes more than a month from fruit to bottle.

Our business is new and we are still having fun with research and development. We depend on supplies of seasonal fruit that meets our quality criteria, so we remain flexible and hope that you will too. There is always a new idea brewing, and of course, we welcome yours. Truly, each flavor we’ve made has had its turn as our favorite. We’re constantly amazed by how effortlessly these sensational shrubs play into cutting edge cuisine and chic beverages. We delight in what we do and hope you will have fun with Shrub Drinks both at the bar and in the kitchen. We’re always happy to visit, answer your questions and hear your ideas for ways to make Shrub Drinks even better.

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